January 4th, 2014-

Happy New Year!  I have two new years resolutions this year:

1.  Put out the remaining two videos I have in the can from Papoose.

2.  Get a album ready to record this year.

Resolution number I plan to get done in the next two weeks.  Music-Defined today debuted the first video for “Song For Judy.”  Next Friday they’re going to post the video for “I Still Believe In You.”

“Song For Judy” was made on the same day as “Teetotaler.”  It features the same cast and crew and one huge shot.  I think this video really showcases Patrick Tape Fleming’s eye for images.  I also love that in this video you get to see all of those characters in a new light.  Personal highlights:

1.  I think Hannah looks stunning.

2.  My Dad makes a cameo in the beginning and looks so wild.  I don’t think anyone gave him the direction to look as crazy as possible.

3.  I love seeing Bob Ketch in his sailor suit.  That was a vision that I had.

Can’t wait for next Friday!,

H. D. H.





December 3rd, 2013-


Today marks the release of Gloom BalloonGloom Balloon is the name of Patrick Tape Fleming’s solo project.  Patrick has been influencing me (and every band I know in Iowa) for years with his band The Poison Control Center.  I can remember being a teenager listening the first PCC album, The Go Go Music Show. At that timeI had no idea that people were even making music like that in Iowa. It sounded like 60′s music that I had been in love with for years.  The Go Go Music Show introduced me to many local bands and artist’s that would shape my formative musical years.  Patrick to me has always been the symbol of what you could accomplish, as a artist, on a independent level.  Needless to say throughout the years I devoured the PCC’s discography.

Throughout these past few years I’ve gotten a chance to become better friends with Pat, and discover that we basically have the same interests musically.  I have come to love our chats over which is the worst Beatles song (I’m sorry Pat Don’t Pass Me By is way worse than What Goes On!)  I first recorded with Pat as producer during the Derek and the Prairie Fires Album, and was blown away by Pat’s supreme command in the studio and his workman ship.  We later went on to collaborate on two videos for my album Papoose (Teetotaler, and Papoose), and also started work on a documentary.  Hell Pat even officiated me and Hannah’s wedding, I couldn’t have been happier.  To say the least Pat is someone I deeply respect, and will forever be apart of my life.


This last year Pat asked me to arrange strings for his solo debut.  I think he asked me because he thought I arranged the strings on Papoose, but I didn’t, that was my friend Melody.  After telling Pat this he still believed I was the man for the job and allowed me to continue.  I worked so hard because it was truly a lifelong dream of mine to be on a album of Pat’s.  I couldn’t be more proud of the results and I strongly encourage everyone to listen to this album.  Better yet, pick up the vinyl here!  It’s a beautiful album, and I’m proud to of been apart of it.

Long live Patrick Tape Fleming!

H. D. Harmsen